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May every Woman be a Queen and Wear a Crown!

Being Kösem

I lived in a time where certain orders were given with a flicker in the eyes, a subtle lift of an eyebrow, a slight shift and lift of the jaw, or a discreet pursing of the lips, keeping the eyes shaded. And I was master of that skill. Partially to keep the coarseness out of giving direct orders. Such refined delicacy needed a keen eye to catch it, understand and correctly act on it.

The thing is, many of us were originally slaves brought here against our will. No, I must correct myself. We were not originally slaves, for we all had other lives before the Palace. I was a Priest’s daughter, and others came from farms or worked in shops in the villages.

There was a silent, almost telepathic understanding between those of us who were stolen children.

Excerpt from my Past life Memoirs

Kösem Sultan (Part 3)

Kösem: Woman. Mother. And Queen

Meanwhile, back in the Mundane's World...

I keep hearing distant screams regarding some kind of competition, screams of emotional agony and screams of self-congratulatory joy!

It’s in the dim dark distance because I’m no part of it and never have been.

I was never part of it, I was never invited, I’ve never been offered any explanations, and I’m really, truly not into competitions!

If anyone had ever been respectful enough to explain to me what's been going on then invited me in, I'd have declined to participate!

That people have relentlessly promoted the lie that I'm competing in this GAMER WORLD thing is spiritual RAPE. I'm doing other things.

Anyway, how can I be a part of something no one's ever explained to me? Not interested!

And those members of the CULT who keep trying to associate my name with their silly competitions are raping me psychically, raping my life, my soul and my destiny, or at least, trying to.

My life philosophy is completely anti-competition! One day people are going to hear me!

Seriously, I’m on a completely different path, different wavelength and different world.

I really am NO part of GAMER WORLD! Hear me now.

Now, if someone won something or other, good for them! Let them party on and enjoy their victory.

At the moment, I’m still working on my Past Life Memoirs, and there’s been a holdup due to some completely unexpected personal events I’ve had to urgently address, but I’ll be back to my writing soon.

I’m not accountable to anyone’s deadline but my own.

And I’m no part of the CULT, nor any School for Competing or whatever it is the CULT’s pushing like some kind of hard drugs down everyone’s throats.

Please respect my non-participatory status in the WitchBitch Vampire of the Week Games, I’m truly not interested! I do have to repeat myself on this subject over and over, I find. But that’s how I'll eventually hammer the point home, I guess

I’ve dissociated my name from those creepy people many, many times, I’m not sure why people insist I’m connected. I’m absolutely not. I’m their natural immortal enemy, hunting down Vampires and Demons like them in my own unique way, so it’s really not a good idea to have us in close proximity, even online!

I guess it's their fungal-infected brain-dead zombie syndrome making all those CULT people unable to hear me. Rotting fungus clogging up their ears, and their brains about to explode from backfire ....

So anyway, please see me as a completely separate entity doing completely different things!

Thankyou for listening — those who actually are.

Sending you all so much

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