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Ma'at is my way. Not the way of dogs or cats ...

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Listen to me Beloved. We do not fall to our knees before any but our Highest Power, the Immeasurable, the Inexpressible, the Source of all that’s known and unknown, our Creator of all eternity and infinity, so beyond our ken + our understanding, but made of all that is Love - the timeless, the indescribable, the illumined One, our God

AND MY QUOTE ABOVE, from the pages of Book One of my Trilogy, means what it says. I bow to no human.

Yet I'm forced to say all this once more. Sigh. Set the record straight.

Perhaps then the abusers will finally hear and comprehend the severely negative results they set in motion for themselves each time they abuse me.


Despite the multitude of lies told you all about me by the Black-Hearted Dead-Hearted Dark Mother Anubian Cult, I am not of them. Not one of them. Never have been and never will be.

I'm from another world, and definitely not that one!

I'm not of any Dog Cult. I have nothing against dogs, I used to have one when a child. Also cats. But I don't believe in 'pets' anymore.


I've been through some pretty interesting journeys when it comes to other people's misinformed opinions of MY power animals.

When I joined a certain Mystical School, after the early days when all new students were initially called Cute Foals,

I was then baptised a cute and headstrong Black Cat.

Soon after, when my natural leadership skills became apparent, I was called Black Jaguar.

A little later, when the head of the school, she of the greatly inflated ego, was unable to turn me into either her secret lover or one of her sycophantic followers, I was abused, insulted and labelled a Dog.

Trump calls Omarosa a dog

Unfortunately her abusive misnomer stuck, due to her school being more a School for Internet Trolling than a School for budding mystics, and I have to say, her insults really didn't work for me. And still don't.

But just as Trump did, that so-called female American champion of women's femininity abused women by calling them dogs.

So perhaps think twice before you join in and continue their abuse against women, including abusing me.

This is my request. Hear me now.

However there IS an Anubian Cult and that's a different matter.

Back in the days of Old Egypt, there were many different animal gods and human gods. I know you know this. I don't mean to insult YOUR intelligence.

Please don't be mistaken about my path. Altho' all animal and human gods walked and worked together back in the day, it's imperative to correct this great mistake about who I am, was, and will be.


I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form, directly or indirectly, alive or dead, with any Anubis cult. Nor am I a dog. Ahem.

Altho' my ancient lineage is affiliated with the heraldry of the Lion, among other symbols, I'm also not connected in any way with the Sekhmet lion-worshipping sex orgy cult, nor any other fake modern version of Old Egypt ways.

If I were to let you know of my personal alignment with any particular aspect of Old Egypt, it would be with Ma'at. Goddess of Truth, Justice, harmony, balance and so much more.

I respect the ways of others, and I ask you to respect mine.

As I said, I've nothing against dogs, but I have no interest whatsoever in any 'Way of the Dog', for crying out loud.

It's merely an abusive label given to me by haters. Are you a hater, or a lover of Truth and Justice, harmony and balance?

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