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Let There Be Light!

“One night....I dreamed a vivid dream:

I saw a large and beautiful drum

Filling the world with golden light

And glowing like the sun.

Beaming brightly to all places,

It was seen from ten directions”…

From ‘The Sublime Golden Light: Golden Light Sutra’

The Beginning ...

The Shiver of the Cloak

Rama asks:

"And what, in your view,

will become of the palace in the end?"

The Moldavian replies:

"God has many palaces.

"When all the rooms in a palace

have been occupied by bats,

God destroys it.

"That is to say, he stops creating it,

which comes to the same thing.

"It is said that this event resembles a light

of such inconceivable power

that it burns up the whole world.

"But what in fact happens is that matter,

which is an illusion,

disappears and the nature of God,

which then will permeate everything,

is finally seen as it really is.

"Much the same, it is believed,

happens at the end of each individual life.

Our own palace is now experiencing bad times.

"The question comes down to this:

what are we to do

when God finally loses patience

and abandons this project?’

Conversation between The Moldavian and Rama,

'Empire V' by Victor Pelevin


Therefore I Say Let There Be Light!

We are past my final warning to all you bats.

You have all decided to continue in your evil ways.

Thus, I cannot be held accountable for God's actions.

YOU have all chosen how you will end.

... Of The End

"Watch ye therefore:

for ye know not when the master of the house cometh,

at even, or at midnight,

or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!"

Mark 13:35 - 37

Sending you all so much

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