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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

‘Persona non grata’ is Latin for ‘unacceptable or unwelcome person’ — it’s time to escape from the torment and torture of such unacceptable and unwelcome opinions from others. About beautiful you. And find freedom from such a fierce legacy of abuse and trauma…

Photo · Frontera Verde · Green Frontier

“The whole of Buddhist philosophy centres on the idea of breaking out of the prison of the lesser self to reveal the infinitely expanded true self. ”

— Ikeda, ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death’

Working in the healing field, I often worked with those who were recovering from substance addiction, and learnt that recovery was very much akin to removing the layers of an onion

When the drug was taken away, the skins were peeled away bit by bit — the layers of addiction — from the drug, to other addictions such as food or sex; then down into the painful relationship addiction to others, down to the very core issues: the addiction to self-doubt and self-hatred

And it came to me in my meditation this evening, that in the future, as this planet somehow removes the layers of centuries, maybe aeons, of terrible and almost unspeakable violence and violation towards self and others, how this would again, be like peeling away the layers of a cosmic onion

Concept painting · Angela Cano from her role in the excellent film ‘Green Frontier’ · Areesha

Until the very soul of all humanity will be left looking at the heart of all life, seeing the intense violation of self and others through thought and intention

Because it comes down to purely that


And the thing is, as our mind becomes still as a quiet mountain lake, we become and more and more deeply and intensely aware of the ripples of thoughts and intentions all around us

And then we are in the true heart of the matter

Angela Cano · Concept painting from her role in the excellent film ‘Green Frontier’ · Julio Art

“We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too. You destroy our lands, poison the planet and sow death, because you are lost. And soon it will be too late to change.”

— Raoni Metuktire — chief of the indigenous Brazilian Kayapó people

Heart of the Jungle (Ushe’s heart) · Image from film · ‘Green Frontier’

Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on May 12 2020

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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