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Invitation To Those Who See What I See

Image: Lujan Matus: Hunab Ku with feathers

The Reverse Grid

Reversal Networks are collecting life force from the collective fields of all earth inhabitants, and creating more black force and miasm in the planet by sending energetic currents into reversal patterns and synthesizing them into AI machinery on the planetary grid network.

We can refer to that reversal pattern as an anti-life pattern, which also means the anti-Christ pattern.

When collective life force is moving in the reversal patterns, it creates blockages that disconnect that person from the organic supply of eternal energy that is accessed within their own spiritual body.

Instead, that life force energy is being collected and harvested for certain preferred groups on the earth, generally for those who keep the reversal networks running for the NAA

The Ascension Glossary


NOW LISTEN HERE AND LISTEN GOOD. If I show you the demon within someone else and you reverse it back onto me, then you’re a big part of the problem.

If I show you the demon within VanZant and you make out that it’s me, we cannot work together.

I do not work nor think in that way.

Those of you who’ve been fully indoctrinated, brainwashed and mind controlled into the false New Age thinking, well I’m here to help you, but I cannot work with you as yet. Those who DO understand about the severe global issue of Reverse Magic being done on the entire planetary grid - well yes - WE can work together - welcome! This invitation is to YOU.

Yes there's a New Age coming, but it’s been hi-jacked by a Cult, a demonic cult.


If you cannot see how seriously abusive VanZant is to women and girls, and that she's part of a particularly corrupt group of evil elders currently dividing to conquer, then you cannot help in this work. Those of you who cannot see how demonic-possessed VanZant reverses her karma onto others, and gets bloated with the life blood and light of her victims, well, I feel sorry for you, but you clearly do not have the sight.

You’re not able to do the much-needed work, because you’re stuck in the Reverse cycle! And that’s ok, there are those of us who CAN see and have some abilities we can offer to do this work.

I'm also am not interested in the opinion of those who say to me: ‘this is not for you’, or throw ‘10 of swords’ tarot card shit at me. You’re just another piece of dogshit on my shoe, truly. I’m seriously not interested. I know who I am and why I’m here.

There’s always gonna be a faction that backstabs and tries to kill me, and there’s always going to be the true Lightworkers who can see what's really going on. We don’t come in fluffy pink catsuits, but with the stripes of a tiger, the wings of the dragon, and the fire of change.


It's taken me a long time to figure out just what the hell was going on, but now I finally have the information I needed and the work can truly begin.

There are those who’ve been doing this work for some time. They'll know , as I do, that there’s definitely been a severely backward movement in the past decade.

And yes I will point the finger at VanZant and others of her ilk. I know they’ve done bad bad magic, Reversing energy grids that should be turning in the opposite direction.

Making themselves into a massive black hole , sucking the energy of others into themselves. It's not a pretty ending for any of us if we let it continue.

They’ve used extremely dark demonic forces for their own personal gain and power, at great cost to not just myself , it's affected the entire planet in an extremely deleterious chaotic manner. It's unacceptable. Your theft and black magic is over soon VZ, oh yes.

And the work I must do - it's just beginning

Image: Lujan Matus: Hunab Ku

The Anubian Black Heart

Reversed alien technology hijack of these spinning vortexes which are heart circuitry centers directing energy in the planetary grid system is called a black heart system or Anubian Black Heart.

A black heart system is an inorganic and artificial “heart-brain” that circulates and directs planetary life force and frequency current into Reversal Networks, producing distorted holograms, Negative Forms, phantom or dead spaces (underworlds), and collected energies to be redirected off planet to Orion for their usage.

They are also used to maintain the compression needed for the magnetic imprints of alien implants and their machinery to operate in the planet. These are frequency distortions that have been designed to reverse and siphon life force in a variety of unhealthy ways.

Our Earth Star family will begin to be involved in healing the field damage these reversal systems have left behind.

The Ascension Glossary


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