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If it looks like a Cult ....

TONY ROBBINS: He's NOT your Guru!

The latest article from my 'I'M NOT-YOUR-GURU GURU VAMPIRE' Series.

Avoid this dangerous predatory New Age 'Not-Your-Guru Guru' like the plague - AND his followers...

Mhm. Great piece of 'life coaching', worth at least $30,000

THERE'S MORE THAN ENOUGH information out there now about this man's predatory behaviors for us to make the assumption that anyone who now attends any of his hyped-up 'Cult of One' sessions, is either fast asleep or dead keen to donate their blood and money to a vampire.

Or lastly but not leastly - they've come to his show because they themselves are a wannabe guru, taking 'TONY' notes about crowd-hyping and mind-control, al la die Führer.

Robbins follows the usual play book of these predators — hit-and-run sexual encounters, denial, accusing his victims of trying to get his money, denial, shaming women, denial. This article includes a number of articles and videos made over the years by other concerned citizens about his highly disturbing and often abusive behaviors. The behaviors of a malignant psychopathic narcissist.

I have no hesitation viewing any person attending his events, who are themselves in the American New Age Spiritual Industry, as either highly disturbing or highly disturbed.

America is riddled with this sick and sickening stuff. I'm really seeing how these New Agey Guru's are so absolutely full of themselves, definitely an American phenomenon.

Arrogant, egotistical, and full of gas.

My message to you, in the midst of all his hype and chaos

The message I truly want you to take away is how predatory Psi-Vampires operate, particular in crowd settings - taking, sucking in the energy of the crowd. As any kind of 'follower', the expectation is that you will accept yourself as a Lesser Being, as YOU give YOUR energy to feed HIS power hunger. Not the other way around.

YOU are NOT a lesser being. Hear me now.

But this is why the Wolf-Pack thing is so popular these days, encouraged by these New Age power-hungry fanatics, giving them the potential to be an ALPHA. And thus, YOUR Alpha. Why would you?

Why? We learn from the animals yes, but we're not wolves. We're Human, something so incredibly different and wonderful. Vampires love to feed off Humans. When you 'Follow' them, it results in a Feast for them.

Keep your power. Don't give it away - to him or any others of his ilk. I clearly see those who are planning to follow in his footsteps. You don't need them, trust me on this.

Eyes wide open, people.

Clapping himself. Crazy cray-cray.

Tony Robbins Slams Both The #METOO Movement AND The Woman Confronting Him

How hard is it not to rape someone, really?

Watch Tony's abusive and menacing behaviors and body language toward a woman in his audience with a history of surviving trauma and sexual abuse

Online Comments After The Backlash + His Online 'Apology'

"Nice try. However, you did not just make one ill-advised offensive remark that may have been misconstrued. Instead, you went on for over ten minutes to both verbally and physically display a misogyny and antipathy towards the #MeToo movement that was evident for all to see. You showed us who you really are when you endorsed the behavior of your male clients that were no longer hiring attractive women out of “fear”. Maya Angelou, a true life coach who endured a much steeper climb up the mountain than you, told us to believe someone the first time they show you who they really are. You exposed yourself in a way that a few contrite paragraphs cannot erase. Second chances are plentiful, but you may need to have a seat for awhile before you go back to charging people for your sage life advice."

"What you seem to see and deride as "victimhood" is people speaking up and fighting back. Problems don't get solved and addressed without naming it and speaking out against it. Your body language in addressing that woman showed us who you are [would you have done that to a man?] Do better."

"Nice try. But your video shows how you really are. There is nothing motivational about marginalizing victims of assault. You and your "friend" should hang your misogynist heads in shame. People like you are as bad as the perpetrators."

"If you’re really committed to being a part of the solution, step back and let survivors take the lead. Don’t educate others because I don’t think you’re qualified to do that (not when it comes to gendered violence). Use your privilege to put survivors front and center to teach the world to never say or do the sort of things you have."

"That was a gruesome video to watch.

My 25+ years of respect for Tony Robbins has just taken a real pounding.

I'm sure he'll reconsider and learn from this, but it was a real pity to see his posturing and overbearing actions.

I thought Tony was so much better than this.

Wow, just wow."

No, he's not better than this, Helene. You saw THE REAL THING.


Tony Robbins - Best Story Ever - Inspired a Pimp!

There's nothing more for me to say here, it speaks for itself.

Tony Robbins gives The Hour his Best Story Ever, about how he inspired a Pimp and got to hang with his Whores.


Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins Is Accused of Inappropriate Conduct, Including Harassment

May 17, 2019


Self-help guru Tony Robbins has been accused of misconduct via BuzzFeed News, in a report that alleges that the world-famous millionaire has “berated abuse victims and subjected his followers to unorthodox and potentially dangerous techniques.”

Additionally, “former female fans and staffers have accused him of inappropriate sexual advances.”

Robbins is one of the most famous motivational speakers, having built an empire in the 1990s and 2000s. He has worked with public figures and celebrities like Bill Clinton and the Kardashians. His philosophy relies on, among other principles, helping abuse victims and others “destroy” their pain.

Among the news shared in the report, BuzzFeed obtained a transcript in which Robbins spoke harshly about a rape victim, saying, “She’s fucking using all this stuff to try and control men.”

In another instance, Robbins said to a woman who shared that her husband had emotionally and physically abused her, “What role did you play? I’m not suggesting there’s any excuse for hitting a woman, so hear me, but I also want you to know that people don’t just act a certain fucking way.”

Anyone who's worked in supporting Domestic Violence survivors, or in a Rape Crisis Centre, will immediately recognize and react to this extremely abusive dialogue

Later, he said, “Does he put up with you when you’ve been a crazy bitch?” (This woman later published an account saying that “in no way, shape, or form I would like to give the wrong impression that I found the interaction with Tony to be damaging to me or that I found it not useful”—other women reporters spoke to also said that they still valued Robbins’s advice and teachings.) BuzzFeed also spoke to women who accuse Robbins of inappropriate advances and/or sexual misconduct while working for him, during the early 1990s and 2000s. Two former former followers of Robbins “felt he had sexually harassed them by repeatedly pursuing them after they made clear they weren’t interested.”

Two former assistants said that Robbins made them work with him while he was in the shower or nude. “And another former employee said she was fired after having a consensual sexual relationship with Robbins,” the report says. Two of Robbins's former bodyguards told BuzzFeed that they were sent into crowds to single out attractive women. In April 2018, Robbins faced criticism for footage from a seminar in which he referred to women speaking out under the #MeToo movement as taking “a drug called significance to make [themselves] feel good.”

A video from the event showed a physical altercation with a woman who confronted him from the audience: “Then he started pushing me,” she said at the time. “I thought he wanted me to show how strong I could be and push back, but that’s not what he wanted. He wanted me to move backward.”

Robbins’s counsel responded to the most recent report with a letter stating Robbins denied “engaging in any alleged ‘inappropriate sexual behavior.’” It said that he “admits he has made mistakes in relationships and other aspects of his life but he never behaved in the manner intimated by these salacious and false accusations.”


Tony Robbins event attendees burned after walking on hot coals

Nicole Puglise in New York

Sat 25 Jun 2016


  • More than 30 people treated after motivational speaker’s seminar

  • Walk across hot coals symbolizes overcoming fear as some defend training

Walking across hot coals is a regular feature of motivational speaker Tony Robbins’s seminars. The act is meant to symbolize overcoming fear.

But at his “Unleash the Power Within” event in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, more than 30 people were treated for burns due to the walk. Five were taken to the hospital that night, while the rest were treated on site for burns, said Jason Evans, a public information officer with Dallas Fire-Rescue, in a statement.

Dallas Fire-Rescue was dispatched to the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center on Thursday night just after 11pm, according to Evans.

This isn’t the first time injuries occurred at a Robbins event. Nearly two dozen were burnt walking across hot coals in San Jose, California, in 2012.


Famed Self-Help Guru Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teen Girl



Self-help guru Tony Robbins has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at an elite summer camp in southern California in 1985, according to a BuzzFeed investigation. Robbins, who was 25 at the time, was a “star speaker” hired by the camp, and was seen pinning back the teenager’s arms before kissing her forcefully by two other campers.

The alleged victim’s name has not been released, but she wrote a 2,400-word account of her experience, which BuzzFeed News obtained via her lawyers. She alleges that Robbins, in addition to kissing her without her consent, also repeatedly groped her breasts. Another fellow camper provided BuzzFeed News with a diary entry from that day, where she’d written that Robbins had “basically started to molest” the alleged victim.

Robbins has denied assaulting the then-minor, though his lawyers acknowledged that “a situation” took place at the camp that summer. They describe the events as “non-issue,” which was “addressed with the camp attendees, the young woman, and her parents, and no one suggested that there was a sexual assault.”

But nine former campers and counselors (who were adults at the time) recall consoling the alleged victim and reporting her claims to the camp co-founders, Bobbi DePorter and Eric Jensen. DePorter and Jensen acknowledge that they received a report, and held an informal mediation between Robbins and the alleged victim, but do not recall whether they notified law enforcement.

This is the first time these accusations have been reported, though ten other accounts of alleged sexual misconduct by Robbins have been previously reported by BuzzFeed News. Robbins — who has built a multi-billion dollar empire, and worked with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Oprah, and the Kardashians — has denied all accusations.


Video Emerges Of Tony Robbins Using Racial Slurs Amid Sex Scandal

Yep. He uses the 'N' word over and over.

May 24, 2019

Tony Robbins is seen using a racial slur several times in a video of a seminar he held in the 1980s. Tom Wait reports.


9 Women Have Now Accused Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins of Sexual Misconduct

Some of the alleged incidents even happened in public, at his seminars.

24 May 2019


Nine women have come forward accusing self-help guru Tony Robbins of sexual misconduct, including four who spoke out after a massive BuzzFeed News investigation that chronicles decades of alleged sexual misconduct.

Three of the four who spoke out in recent days were former followers; the fourth was one of Robbins’ personal assistants. All are accusing him of either exposing himself in front of them, making unwanted sexual advances, or groping them, BuzzFeed News reports. Some of the alleged incidents even happened in public, at his seminars.

Robbins and his lawyers have been quick to deny every allegation made against him. Several women who spoke to BuzzFeed News for their initial investigation, published Friday, asked to remain anonymous, fearing Robbins’ retribution.

But in the wake of the report’s publication, four women have come forward, agreeing to speak on the record about their experiences.

One woman, a former assistant to Robbins, accused him of walking in on her in the shower and dropping his towel. Another woman has accused Robbins of taking her hand and putting it on his penis at an event.

One accuser, Kimberly Stokes, started working for Robbins in 1998 as a live-in assistant to him and his then-wife. She pawned off her family’s jewelry in order to make it to one of Robbins’ events, she told BuzzFeed News.

After rebuffing one of his advances — he took her on a helicopter ride and kissed her briefly, she said — Robbins walked in on Stokes while she was showering and dropped his towel.

“I was furious, because it broke trust,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I don’t bullshit. If I said no, I meant no.”

Sophiah Koikas went to one of Robbins’ seminars in Hawaii in the 1990s. As he was shaking hands with his supporters, he took her hand and put it on his crotch. During the seminar itself — during a firewalk, in which Robbins’ followers walk over hot coals — she said, “He cupped my whole left breast, grabbed it, and then shook it.

She got a note from one of his bodyguards saying “Tony thinks you’re cute” and asking if she wanted to get to know him better.

She declined.

Mary Lantz’s then-boyfriend bought her tickets for one of Robbins’ events around 1990 because she was having a tough time, according to BuzzFeed News. She said that Robbins asked, “Will you come sit in the front row of my seminar every time? Because you’re driving me crazy.”

He pulled her on stage and hugged her, wrapping his arms all the way around her torso so that he was cupping the side of her breast — all in front of an audience of thousands of people.

“I felt like it was sexual harassment,” Lantz told BuzzFeed News. “We didn’t have that word back then, but I felt he was hitting on me.”

Lucie Galvez was at another of Robbins’ events where he put out a call to the audience. "Is anyone here interested in a job as my personal assistant?" he asked. There were a number of women in the audience who wanted the job, Galvez said, including her.

She turned up for an interview with Robbins, which, she told BuzzFeed News, took a turn. “I remember him asking me, ‘How do you feel about nudity?’

She would be working so closely with Robbins that there was a good chance that Galvez might see Robbins and his partner naked.

“Absolutely it was a sexually inappropriate interview. It was almost predatory,” Galvez said, according to BuzzFeed News.

Robbins’ sexually inappropriate behavior went further: He berated victims of sexual assault during the seminars he led.

Some of the women who were on the receiving end of these rants still have a complicated relationship with Robbins and his teachings.

Mhm. Says it all. I'm done here.

NOTE: Apologies for poor visual quality of some of the videos included here. I'm noticing many of the older videos need re-mastering.



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