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Here From Ancient Skies

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

...When we unlock our book of secrets with the key of creation, then we’ll find out who we really are...

Ocean Goddess Lady · Gianno Serezmartin · Deviantart

The breath of eternity awakens her soul

Memories of ancient life illuminate her essence

The mystical ocean fills her soul

with forces chaotic and mysterious

As veils gradually lift to her most sacred intuitions

Pearls form within her deepest darkest shadows

In the grit and the sand of her magical dreams

The sun rises in her eyes

She is awake

Lisa Gerrard · Vespers · Please watch this video on the link below as Lisa has made this video unavailable on other sites

We are ancient souls from ancient worlds and advanced civilizations, often feeling very out of place within these times. We’d be much more at home in those other times, even as we remember why we’re here.

We’ve come to share our knowledge of living in love rather than fear.

But at times we’ve had to face this very thing within ourself — these fears — as we’ve been so deeply confronted by the times we arrived in — these mad and dangerous days. Times where we’re attacked, maligned, and lied about. Oh such times.

Times where we see the innocent left to founder, to starve and weep, and little children to suffer. Such times of pain and yet growing wisdom. This knowing that yet again on this planet as in days gone by, are such terrible times.

Where some walk in one world of privilege, and others walk beside them breathing the same air and yet living in another world and another life completely, of the direst poverty and pain — unseen and unheard and ignored — as if not existing and worthless, with no value.

This planet holds an endless history of warfare and the gnawing desire by some for abiding power over others.

We need remember all the time not to lose our belief in who we are, why we’re here, and what we bring.

My prayer is for us to experience all the good we never believed we could experience, and be all we could possibly be.

My prayer is for God to hear our cries, and for us to thrive, not suffer and merely survive.

When we live in our heart, we can move through the great changes we are facing, successfully and with grace. And as we deepen into the changes, sometimes it’s as easy as falling in love, and at other times painfully raw and honestly confronting.

One thing’s for certain — there will be change.

We’ll have days of weakness and world-weariness, yet still feel a soul-strength growing within us, as we recognise and welcome these changes arriving in the days to come.

There’ll be a slow burn and thence a washing clean that comes with most real change — a clearing and releasing, a loss of what’s no longer needed in our life — and often a parting of the ways. And as these changes are coming in, a deep acceptance of our inner knowing flows from the source of our very soul. We’ve grown older and wiser, carrying the heavy spiritual burden of a vast knowledge of aeons and times gone by, and undreamed of things still to come.

Enya · The Humming

With a never-changing love unending, Creation is crying yet the mercy still remains.

With the veils thinning and not much left to cover our vision, we see what was, what is and will be.

And so, our inner wisdom offers a different reality to heal the planetary wounding — we’re here to midwife and birth a new way aligned with our highest spiritual truth.

The light of a calm mind awakens our inner awareness.

This is not always easy in an outer world filled with chaos and destruction. But in creating this sanctuary within — and this can be challenging, day in and day out — we can but try.

Never give up, but don’t be hard on yourself for being emotionally affected by the day.

Get up, shed a tear, dust down your clothes and keep the faith — try again.

Today we receive a shining suit of protective armour from the heavens.

Our work on bringing inner harmony has brought in outer harmony with others. Yet at times we’re feeling anxious and worried. And sometimes really heartbroken and sad. Yes, the road ahead is hard and demanding, but we’ve received the blessing of the Divine Mother.

So for now, let’s just be drawn forward on our path, enticed into action by what we most love.

What really matters most right now is our honesty and commitment.

So now is a time to let go of those old fears — because no matter what we think about it all right now — we will get through, and our spirit will rise and survive. It’s a time now to pace yourself, as we gather new energy for a strong forward momentum. And at this time — the Way is open. So it’s time now to begin planning how to live in the space beyond even our wildest dreams.

Because we’re born to shine like the Sun.

We just are, there’s no question about it,

we are.

Ocean Art · Jen Lashua

“My hope is that we will all

have a strong heart beat so we can be healthy together and since it is your heart beat every time you talk to your heart she will always speak back.

The lesson for all of us

is to learn how to listen to our hearts.” ~ Ancient Eskimo Heart-Prayer ~

Art · Carl Mazur

Copyright 2019/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Oct 2, 2019

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

She Is The Universe · Ismael Sanabria Roldan

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