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Eka Be Emenike La, Not Me.

For those who intentionally misunderstand my meaning, let me clarify. The odu IKA OKANRAN verse below applies to him. The message was brought to me yesterday by my Spiritual protectors and guides.

The boy to man Emenike La pictured below, let me warn you of him and his evil.

I will not write much on him here today, but all the truth about him will come forth in the future. About the lies, slander and other evil he has perpetrated against me.

He and his family line are badly cursed by the curses he tried to place on me, now and always reversing back against him. He would do well to heed this warning and retract all the lies he has spread about me.

God assures me that the retribution and consequences for La's evil against me will carry forward into many of his lifetimes. His karmic burden is huge, and he should cover up in white from tip to toe.

Either total reparation to me should be made, or accept the price of your evil against me La.

I'm not interested in your EBO to others, you need to give me back what is mine. ALL of it. You need to retract ALL the lies and slander. You need to rid the world of the sickening influence of the demon durga.

You and your henchman Vanzant together comprise the dead-hearted Anubian Black Heart reversing the planetary grid. I know what you both do.

If you do not reverse your reversals, the reading below applies. In full. To you both.



Ifa says Ika was cast for Eka,

Okanran was cast for Eka,

who got the message that Death was on his way

to his house because of his evil deeds.

If Eka didn’t want to be killed,

he should sacrifice a sheep

and the black cloth on his body.

He also should cease to be bad,

and should wear white clothing only

from that moment on.

Eka listened, but refused to offer.

Ifa says that this person must desist from doing bad things, and he should improve his lousy character. He would do wise to always wear white cloths.

EBO: 1 goat, and the black cloth the client was wearing

Emenike La - cover up - it's time for your spiritual penance for all you've perpetrated against me, evil man

I was warned by a Babalawo early in the piece about Emenike La's evil character but I refused to listen, believing he was my friend.

How right the Babalawo was, how correct.

La is evil incarnate. My comfort is knowing God protects me from La's evil. And La will pay back all he has stolen from me in this lifetime - beginning within this lifetime!

You were counting on my silence, La, and that your curses would work - killing me and my family. But ALL your curses have failed. I am protected, highly protected!

You will be punished La, HEAVILY PUNISHED, through God's wrathful retribution.

But you already know all this. Keep smiling to hide the lies. Almost all you grinners are liars.



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