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Don't Get Born! *

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Master of your own transformation:

The art of self-awakening

This time, beloved,

is where you recall who you are,

and become all that you were and will be

528 Hz Golden Om Fractal | Theta Meditation

Turn the light around

and see

the secret golden light

of the unborn

The Magic of Buddha

Can you see -

Worlds of invisible light

A spiritual sun within the sun

"Unborn and imperishable is the original mind…. / Search back to the time when you were born: you can’t remember a thing at all! / Keep your mind as it was when you came into the world, and instantly this very self is a living “thus-come-one” [tathâgata, or Buddha]…. /

Clinging, craving and the like—I don’t have them on my mind. That’s why nowadays I can say the whole world is truly mine! / …

Thinking back over the past, you find it was an evening’s dream. Realize that, and you’ll see everything is just a lie…. / Since, after all, this floating world is unreal, instead of holding onto things in your mind, go and sing! / … When you don’t attach to things, the floating world will cease to be [as a separate, merely objective appearance].

Nothing is left, nothing at all. That’s what “living tathâgata means.” …

Mysteries and miracles—there are no such things! But when you fail to understand, the world’s full of weird happenings. / This is the phantom [ego-mind] who deceives, who makes us take the false world to be real. / … When your study of Buddhism is through, you find you haven’t anything new. / Enlightenment and delusion too never existed at the start. They’re ideas that you picked up, things your parents never taught. /

If you think the mind that attains enlightenment is “mine” your thoughts will wrestle, one with the other. /

These days I’m not bothering about getting enlightenment all the time, and the result is that I wake up in the morning feeling fine! / … Nowadays … I just move along at my ease, letting the breath come and go. / Die—then live day and night within the world. Once you’ve done this, then you can hold the world right in your hand! /

It’s the buddhas I feel sorry for; with all those ornaments they wear, they must be dazzled by the glare! / …

The mind that’s not conditioned is originally unborn; what is conditioned doesn’t exist—that is why there’s no delusion. /

Though the years may creep ahead, mind itself can never age. This mind that’s always just the same. / Wonderful! Marvelous! When you’ve searched and found at last the one who never will grow old—‘I alone!’

The Pure Land where one communes at peace is here and now, it’s not remote, millions and millions of leagues away."

- Bankei Yōtaku


* QUOTE: Abide as the Unborn.” “Don’t get ‘born!’” - Bankei Yōtaku, Zen Master of the “Unborn”— Fu-shō (1622-93)

Love. You.

Copyright 2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

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