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Come Together!!

How about that? They made a Coven composed of all my haters!

Bunch of geniuses !

I feel like bursting into song right now!

The deeper I dig into who exactly is in the inner circle Coven of the larger Black Magic Cult, one glaring fact stands out - they're almost all people I know and cut out, blocked or deleted from my life long ago, and almost always for very good reason.

Except for a few backstabbing betrayers who I'd thought were my friends - but it only proves they can be bought, so there you go. Or there THEY go, I should say!

Way to go, haters. You should know your black magic isn't working on me, and my extrasensory abilities help me see what you're up to.

And understand the concept of retribution, haters.


Such a pathetic bunch of losers tho', always makes me laugh. And so heartwarming that you bunch of psycho idiots made my life

into your little hobby ...

I guess the internet gave all you criminals the ability to hack into my life and my family. God. What an utter creepshow it's all turned out to be.

So much for the spiritual Path of Heart, oh my God!

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