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Arc of the Covenant

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Memoirs of destruction + rebirth

‘You are in my heart, there is no other who knows you’

Excerpt of hymn-poem to Aten by Akhenaten

Here, Beloved, are the beginnings of a much larger story.

What you read here today is but the prelude, a dream from past lifetimes, leading to much larger and in-depth contemporary truths

of the current day, with many more chapters yet to unfold.


A golden-feathered hawk wheeled high above the temple below,

the blazing sunlight glinting off fiery feathers.

It was high noon in the harsh and windswept desert lands of Amarna.

Cosmic messenger of God,

Re-Harrekte looked down sharp-eyed and vigilant from on high.

And soaring ever higher,

known in legend as the phoenix soul of the sun and harbinger of change —

a foreboding omen of death and rebirth —

she held a chilling warning no one was present to see.

Way down below the hawk, deep down below,

in the depths of the desert sands in a secret chamber of the Temple of Aten,

a dangerous ritual was taking place.

The Ritual of all Rituals, for the holders of the Covenant -

the rites of the Arc.

And after this hour —

nothing on the planet would ever be the same.

The air grew thinner, thinner than breath itself, as time itself suddenly warped and bent inexorably inwards, toward its own infinite beginnings and unspeakably catastrophic end.

An ultraviolent whining hum split the silence of their ritual with unbearable intensity.

A forbidden portal was breached and thus — opened.

In that infinite and eternal moment, God’s own breath paused.


Deep below the sands within the bowels of the newly constructed temple of Aten, in the desert city of Akehtaten, sometimes known as Amarna, in a secret chamber now known only to the two within it, the Pharaoh and Queen were finalising a forbidden ritual.

And things were getting very out of control.

The Ritual of Rituals had many elements to it but the final stages involved use of sex and love magic, and could only be carried out by two lovers who truly and absolutely adored eachother.

Or the magic would fizzle like a wet firecracker.


Before Neferti climbed off the couch where they’d lain for hours making love as part of the sex magic ritual, she kissed her lover’s mouth long and deep.

Akhnatn, the great hermaphrodite, was satisfied on every level but knew there was yet more magic for them to make.

The love between these two was perfect on every level for magic of the highest degree. This was due to Neferti’s bisexuality and the truly unique hermaphrodite nature of Akhnaton, who was sexually able to both fully give and to receive.

And in ancient Egyptian magic, the zero horizon, the golden mean, the middle way, carried the most powerful magic of all.


Where there was a womb there was the Way

~ Amen…. secret name of Ra… a sacred name of God… oh thou quiet Sun, thy singing name, thou jewel encrusted womb, thy hidden secret is beyond most understanding ~

It was a well-known secret through all the occult magical circles that women carried the highest magic, and bisexual or hermaphrodite women carried even higher energies.

Akhnatn and Neferti, each in their own unique way, carried the DNA signature of God.

The conjunction of these two lovers would be a truly explosive Event Horizon.

However, the volatile energies they were calling forth were incredibly unstable, and they had not factored catastrophe or disaster into their ritual.

Believing they would instantaneously become as one with God in ways they’d never as yet fully experienced, with absolute Godlike power, was the goal of this Ritual.

Unfortunately, they mistakenly believed they were invincible, and could carry the weight of what they were about to manifest.


They were to be proven utterly and irrevocably incorrect

Remnants of dried blue aphrodisiac lotus flowers cascaded from emptied papyrus packages, and the room was filled with the smoky and heavy pungent aroma of continuously burning incense

Two green goblets lay on the golden altar, now empty of their potent and sacred brew.

On this altar at the far end of the chamber, were also a gold jar of manna, Akhnatn’s regal staff which had magically budded during their lovemaking, and stone tablets holding God’s law.

Neferti deftly removed all her clothing and washed her entire body from a massive plain earthenware pot filled with blessed Nile water — the cleansing before the final ritual.

Drying herself with a scented cloth, she moved her hair into position before pulling on her heavy golden cobra crown, and adjusted her light white sheath dress, leaving one gorgeous shoulder bare.

Akhnatn lay watching her movements with a now consummated but ever-present desire from the couch, and seeing her slim brown body moving inside the sheer fabric reignited S/Her desire.

“Akhnatn my beloved, here is our Covenant, let’s move forward now, the energy is building already — feel it!”


She spoke with mounting excitement

And indeed, the massive and magical dark crystal rods resting on the rumpled daybed were now thrumming and vibrating.

Charging with their energies for this final section of the three-day ritual the rods were emitting sparks and brief but intensifying streaks of lightning.

Akhnatn repeated the same cleansing ritual, and now clothed and in S/Her pharaonic ritual robes, shifted S/His own dark quartz crystal rod from hand to hand.

“These came to us as gifts from the stars with the Sky Visitors from God — we’ve done all they instructed. Let’s see now if the real power comes in, as they have said. And as they promised.”

They moved to opposite ends of the golden chamber, facing eachother, and lifted the rods. Sharp blue sparks, then electric streaks and now the ultraviolet lightning was already arcing powerfully between them.

‘You yourself are lifetime, one lives by you. All eyes are on your beauty until you set.’


Neferti called out with a shaking voice to her lover from across the stormy and swiftly darkening chamber:

“I don’t think I can hold it! This energy — it’s too much for me to hold!”

Her slight frame shook and unexpectedly rose metres high in the air, as the arcing electric energy danced like a mad dervish between and through them.

Akhnatn called back, as s/he also was lifted bodily above the marble tiled floor by the arcing energy shafts cascading between them, totally out of control:

“My love! Beloved! You can do this! We’ve got this! Think of the power! Hold your place!”

But believing that this Ritual of Rituals would imbue them with total Godlike powers ultimately proved their undoing.

And unleash an unimaginable global catastrophe

The golden walls of the inner chamber darkened like a frown, noble marble statues melted impossibly where they stood.


Intricate and gorgeous thickthreaded tapestries woven over many painstaking months, and thin gold and blue curtains hanging lightly in all the doorways, drifting in the warm desert breeze — all swiftly burnt in a fierce conflagration of almost invisible ultraviolet-white flames.

Neferti and Akhnatn’s eyes locked in this last moment for all time, from each end of the golden chamber.

An irrevocable knowing engulfed them both, a knowing of impeding separation outside of time or reason.

An unbearable knowing

She screamed ‘Akhnatn!’ as her lover called to her in the same breath.


Their thoughts and hearts entwined in the electric bridging arc, giving invincible force to its inexorable momentum for a final cosmic nuclear explosion.

The singing hum intensified to screeching pitch, as the electric force of the energy arced in smoky aetheric shards between the heavy crystal rods each held in shaking hands.

Akhnatn was thrown heavily against the wall behind, smashed into unconsciousness, as Neferti’s mind was consumed by inconceivable terror.

Her delicate clothing was torn to shreds, as a cosmic fissure crackled and ripped through the fabric of the universe around them, then within her body and into her soul.

The spiralling whirlpool of energy pulled in from the surrounding universe, rupturing time and space, ending in the core of Neferti’s being.


Within her womb

A negative black sun had been created in the electric arc between them.

They had awakened one of the most powerful forces known throughout the length and breadth of all creation — the paradoxical energy of Uncreation, the nothingness within the golden sun.

The heart of the sleeping golden dragon beat once and then again.

And in the silent energy of that moment of pre-creation, that void, that nothingness, just before a last birth contraction into explosive creation, time stood utterly still.


And then reversed

Forming into an uncontrollably twisting whirlpool of ginormous proportions

A volatile and immeasurable black hole opened its jaws, consuming everything in its vicinity with a relentless hunger.

Nothing could escape the impetus sucking all around it into the terrifying cosmic vacuum.

With growing momentum, the black sun ate everything around Neferti.

Cascading like a black energy tsunami into, not only the smashed temple room within the pyramid in which it had been summoned, but beyond.

Spreading into surrounding houses, shops, towns and throughout the entire land.

All those it touched with its ghastly life-reversing force — and that was everyone — immediately fell and died on the spot.

An ocean of souls left bodies lifeless where they stood, sat or lay, from all the farms, workshops, towns and cities clustered around the pyramid, sucked with irresistible all-consuming force towards Neferti.

Babies, children, mothers, sons and daughters, husbands, farmers and artisans. Priests, stonemasons, dancers and bakers — none were spared.

In that moment of unnatural disaster, more than 500,000 souls departed in that immense sea of sadness, to live in limbo, in the void of the black sun.

Within Neferti.


Deep within

Lifeless as she was in that moment, her womb now held the souls of over 500,000, and so her destiny changed forever.

An evil darkness had entered through the ripped portal from noxious astral levels, and now spread across the land.

Swiftly travelling demonic and evil energies unleashed, spreading like an infectious black plague across the world, in numbers never before seen, and with an agenda of total chaos and destruction.

Their number was legion, and they were many.

The damage was now done

The earthly Temple of Light ended its millenia-long famous peaceful reign, and the planet wherein she lived began a desperate headlong fall from grace.

As the portal abruptly closed, so a long and peaceful chapter of the world ended.

Irrevocably marking the beginnings of long aeons of violence, slaughter, abuse and profound ignorance.


'The Son of Re who lives by Maat, the Lord of crowns,

Akhenaten, great in his lifetime;

And the great Queen whom he loves, the Lady of the Two Lands,

Nefer-nefru-Aten Nefertiti, living forever’

A massive hole had ripped through the subtle aetheric fabric of the universe through their occult use of the arc of the covenant.

The two lovers, Neferti and Akhnatn, had played with powerful magical forces they couldn’t even begin to contain or control. Massive and tragic destruction on an unbelievably massive scale came about through their ritualised attempt to manipulate this energy.