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A Hair Mystery: Curly Hair Gone Straight

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Straight hair me and curly hair me

are two very different people

Me in my thirties

Neither of us can be tamed

What are you all looking at

why do you all stare

Is it because you do not understand

the complexity of my hair?

Let me enlighten you

Maybe shed a little light

I wear my hair the way I want

It is my birthright

Me in my thirties

When I was younger, from birth actually, my hair was very dark and curly.

Now I straighten it. No explanations, I don't owe anybody any.

It is what it is, and how I feel to be for now.

So don't make judgements and assumptions when I place images of curly-haired young women on my posts, and say they're about Durga!

NO! They're not!

Durga is NOT about me! I am about me. She is about she (let's hope one day she will be, at least).

I had very curly hair, and now and then I hark back to that time.

Me (far left) in my thirties at the Clarendon Theatre Restaurant in the Blue Mountains

I don't place my images here

to fight with Durga

I write my stories

and show you my pictures to show who I am.

If she wants to fight me, then well and good, she's on her own there.

I'm not here about competition. I'm here to fight evil, and destroy it.

So please stop bringing her in on my life and my world.

I'm over it.

You rape me with your Game

As long as you keep forcing this horrible Game on us all,

this world is going down the drain

Let's just

each of us be the best we know how.

Same goes for colors.

No more color wars

I'm here to reclaim every color of the spectrum, including green, grey, black and white

All of it

All colors belong to us all

Giving green to one person means others die for want of the sap of life

I'm sorry people, but:

Green is ME

Green is Me

Grey is me

Black and white is me

All colors are me

Sending so much

to you all

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