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You're Doomed, Stoner Fascists

These stonehead psycho fascists have been spying, hacking and stealing from me for a very long time now. I have no love for them. Actually a very deep hatred which today feels like pure nothingness.

Do you hear me Lynda? PURE nothingness.

Somehow they've gained credibility in a world which apparently thinks dope-heads are legitimate community leaders

My experience with these Stoner Fascists has been:

1. Violence.

Don't forget the origins of the word 'Assassin' is from the word Hashish. True.

2. Conscienceless rape of my life

3. Lies, slander and ongoing relentless massive Smear Campaigns against me to discredit me, for their own stoned-out reasons

4. Attempted use of witchcraft, black magic and death spells against me to bind then kill me. FAIL

5. Formation of a Coven incorporating those who've always hated me for whatever reasons, and those who could be turned against me by:

a. selling their soul to the devil

b. some kind of reward

c. the sheer joy of destroying an innocent person - me

6. Using massive corrupt media campaigns and other sources to run campaigns against me, and probably against others like me, who, just like me, don't want stoners and fascist creeps in charge.

7. Spying, illegal surveillance, gangstalking against me

8. Using family members against me by turning them against me for some kind of reward

9. Stealing my creative ideas and using them

10. Constant derogatory put-downs of me, use of Deep Fakes to supersize me in the public's eyes

11. Poisoning me with someones medications not designed or prescribed for me. Terrible health outcomes, coma-like illness.

And a whole lot more crimes against me, every day, every which way. Nazi style. Stasi style. I don't care if you've got jewish blood, black blood, red blood, green or purple blood - if you're a Fascist Nazi, you come in all color and creeds. That's one thing you've proved over and over.

Just as us Anti-Neo-Nazi's come in all those colors and creeds. So it comes down to each person's choice. No blanket generalizations apply. It's about each individuals choice.

I truly hope to see your demise. Your happy smiling stoned-out faces are just more evidence of remorseless sociopaths, nothing more nor less. Vampires, witches werewolves and freaks. Go to hell.

I'm your natural born immortal enemy. Don't ever forget that.

Some of the stoner fascists identify themselves by wearing masks online:

Just a few of the stoner Nazi fascists who ganged together

to destroy me.

Your day of judgement is nigh, freaks.

How it ends for all you stone-head fascists:

Can't wait



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