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What do you think when people call someone autistic as an insult?


'It’s hate speech.

Suggesting that people on the spectrum deserve to be objects of ridicule

and degradation should never be accepted.

Not only do I find it personally offensive, it’s also genuinely harmful as it perpetuates the stereotypes and encourages the stigmatization of autistic people.

This is never OK. Even if the person who says it is “just kidding”.

And, as with all hate speech, it says more about the person saying the insult

than either of the parties being insulted.'


Image from Washington Post article



I think it is extremely disrespectful and insulting to both the person who is told that and towards those that have autism.

I was insulted once and called autistic by someone to whom my apparent calm attitude and avoidance of confrontation didn’t sit well - so she had the need to call me autistic in front of everyone.

It enforces stereotypes about autistic people and not only that, it just shows the ignorance and dare I say the negative feelings the person who said such a thing in the first place has.

It is immature and it absolutely disrespectful.



So much love and light, w!tches!



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