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My Spiritual Protectors: The Storm Riders

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

"To reach back and help, and expect neither reward nor even thanks.

To reach back and help because that is what spiritual beings do."

Dr Brian Weiss, 'Many Lives Many Masters'

Muhteşem Kösem Müziği Celali İsyanı 3 | Composer ▻ Aytekin Ataş | Storm Riders

They're beautiful are they not? The most handsome of men, strongest of arm and stoutest of heart. They know loyalty. It's everything. Loyalty to values and to God.

And thus these Spirit Warriors are true to themselves, loyal to their own heart and soul.

The Janissaries

In the devşirme, which connotes "draft", "blood tax" or "child collection", young Christian boys from the Balkans and Anatolia were taken from their homes and families, forcibly converted to Islam, and enlisted into the most famous branch of the Kapıkulu, the Janissaries, a special soldier class of the Ottoman army that became a decisive faction in the Ottoman invasions of Europe. Most of the military commanders of the Ottoman forces, imperial administrators, and de facto rulers of the Empire, such as Sokollu Mehmed Pasha, were recruited in this way. By 1609, the Sultan's Kapıkulu forces increased to about 100,000

A Janissary (Ottoman Turkish: یڭیچری, romanized: yeŋiçeri, [jeniˈtʃeɾi], lit.'new soldier') was a member of the elite infantry units that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops and the first modern standing army in Europe.

Kösem was able to use her close alliance with Mustafa Agha, the Agha of the Janissaries, and his client Grand Vizier Nasuh Pasha to wield influence over the Sultan.

Source: Janissary


“Always be loyal to human values not to your country,

because your country may well betray the human values!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

Image from 'The Magnificent Century: Kösem' series

This was just a taster of

Part Three of my Past Life Memoirs

on my lifetime in the Ottoman Empire as:

"Kösem: Woman. Mother.

And Queen"

Coming Soon!

Sending you all so much

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