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Mastering The Art Of Their DISTRACTIONS

It's all an illusion, a great provocation

Penny Dreadful

“She had unbuckled us ... only to stall us,

so that she and her sisters could die in peace.”

Jeffrey Eugenides, ‘The Virgin Suicides’

Penny Dreadful, ‘Closer Than Sisters’

Remember my post a couple of days ago about Witches?


Ajé dudu (black witches): these are the malevolent spiritual being who always not interested in the success of their follow being. They are happy in destroying the happiness of others. These Iyami osoronga (powerful spiritual mother) will be the cause of one’s sorrow and as well be the one to take care of the same person.

And this?

Ajé dudu (black witches) do not kill their victims but only disallow him to succeed in whatever they lay their hands on. The victims will find life difficult in all spheres, they are usually a not progressive one, they have mysterious power, they only punish or make human being to suffer.

By pretending to love their victim, this gives them the opportunity to harm the victim the more. In the physical realm, they supply all the needs of their victim and harm him in the spiritual realm. *

These excerpts about the blocking behaviors of certain witches are from a paper written specifically about the Ajé of the Yoruba, but applies across the board i.e., the world. The intention to block us from our destiny is so prevalent as to be a severe pandemic spread by witches. Their reasons? Well, I'm analysing all that in my books, which I must get back to after writing this up.



“If only we knew where the truth path was

even a serewood couldn’t destroy the true path.

Just hide it from us, lure us off of it.”

Neil Gaiman, ‘Stardust’

Penny Dreadful, ‘Closer Than Sisters’


Keep in mind as you read the following, that the 'Astrologer' who wrote this is a Cancer herself, so she's kind of talking to herself here. Her 'Daily Stars' are basically a set of instructions to the Covenous Cult anyway, and don't actually apply to anyone else. This is not actually ... astrology, as such ... Please don't let your mind be roped into their 'Collective' ie Borg or Hivemind. Set your mind free!!!





June 21 – July 22

Long ago you realised that those who tend to be difficult, and for no reason at all, are actually bored. However, they’re not clever enough to amuse themselves, so instead they stir up problems. The secret? Distract them. They’ll be kept busy and your life will be far less complicated.


And there you have it. A glaring example - no attempt whatsoever to hide what she's doing. Right in our face...!! Perhaps they think everyone's so mind-controlled, indoctrinated, and fungal-infected with brain dead zombiness by now that no-one will notice?

Karen appears to have a personal issue with people who are suffering and traumatized, and tends to seriously minimize their pain. Those who attempt to address the serious wrongs and injustices of the past and present are derogatorily labeled 'difficult', 'complainers' or 'bored'. Her way of silencing those who need to SPEAK!

Speak, my injured friends and loved ones! Speak! Whether by spoken word, a book, a song, a symphony, a dance a poem or a painting - do NOT let them silence you! The oppressors come in many faces and guises, so don't be fooled.

There are many witches in the 'spiritual' industry with absolutely NO IDEA about caring counselling. Having a public platform simply gives the unskilled a great opportunity to control the minds of others for the purpose of their Coven.

Shutting you up just gives them more airtime!


Witches’ Brew: The Politics of Distraction

“My high charms work, and these, mine enemies,

are all knit up in their distractions.

They now are in my power.”

William Shakespeare, Prospero, ‘The Tempest’

Penny Dreadful, ‘Closer Than Sisters’

Don’t let the Witches' Brew intoxicate you any longer.

'The witches are gathered around the bubbling cauldron of confusion, cooking up all sorts of mischief…I mean policy and legislation.

The Online Administration, fake regulators, crazed councils and loony lobbyists are all throwing things into this murky pot of questionable thoughts and intentions. Health care, finances, immigration, the economy, energy policy, war and international diplomacy are all mixed together with an eye of newt, hair from a unicorn, and heavy doses of ego, money, racism and classism.

It’s a Witches Brew that aims to demand our thoughtful and consistent feedback. Sometimes I wonder if the spell of the politics of distraction has been cast on not just America but the entire world.

Let’s all concede that the politics of distraction, like hypnotism, requires willingness on the part of those who fall under its spell. But the politics of distraction are so nefarious and destructive that they take on an evil magical quality.

How else can you explain the collective willingness not to demand accountability from their designated officials? Although I have heard numerous stories about lobbyists thundering through the halls of the Coven, I haven’t heard about ‘voters’ demanding equal time.

It isn’t in the interests of policy makers for you and me to break the spell of the politics of distraction, and remember that we have a right to answers and explanations.'**


What Lies Beneath

“You must learn to distract your victims with a myriad of pleasant little rituals. Thoughtful gifts tailored just for them, clothes and adornments designed to please them, gestures that show the time and attention you are paying them. Mesmerized by what they see,

they will not notice what you are really up to.”

Robert Greene, ‘The Art of Seduction’

Penny Dreadful, ‘The nightcomers’


Carry on, Carrion




(rewritten by me)


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