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Dreaming The Future — Time Travelling With Dr. Shelley

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hypnotic Regression or Progression : you choose…

My Inner Peace MasterClass Inner-View with Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas

“Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is not a subset or component of any other modality. While some licensed practitioners may use hypnosis to complement their practice, hypnotherapy has a wider scope. Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, Hypno Counselors and Coaches provide helpful holistic tools to individuals and groups. In essence hypnosis belongs to everyone. It is your natural ability to know the truth about you and your life.

— excerpt from “The Rightful Profession of Hypnosis: Beware of Those Who Limit Our Profession”, The International Hypnosis Federation

Dream Temples of Ancient Egypt

“When you enter the abode of the god
Which smells of incense, you must be pure
And thought is pure when you think with piety.”
Inscription at the main gate of sanctuary of the god Asklepios at ancient Epidaurus.

Many people think hypnosis is something new, something modern, a by-product of today's New Age cults, but nothing could be further from the truth. These modern myths and misconceptions do nothing but scare people off from a medicinal tool that’s truly marvellous and deeply beneficial in the hands of the right skilled and ethical practitioner.

Its origins are not in the last couple of hundred years nor steeped in modern esoteric metaphysics, no. Although a resurgence occurred in the 1800’s, in fact it can be traced as far back as ancient Egyptian times, back to Imhotep and of course, even much further back in time, when we seek within our Akashic memories.

Freud, Janet and Binet promoted its use once more in the psychological toolbox, but let’s look much further back in time than these later pioneers of the psyche.

The Persians, Chinese, Indians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans all practiced forms of hypnosis in one way or another. The Egyptian, and Grecian Sleep or Dream Temples were healing spaces for the ill where hypnosis was used, and the Law of Manu, a Sanskrit text of ancient India, documented Ecstasy-Sleep, Dream-Sleep, and Sleep-Waking as distinct stages of hypnotic trance.

The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus of 1550 BC and another from the 3rd century C.E. document the hypnotic healing, ‘laying-on of hands, hand-passes and eye- fixation’ healing practices of the time (Mongiovi).

The ancient Sleep Temples were dedicated to a healer god of the day such as the Egyptian Imhotep, and the Grecian Asklepios. Those seeking healing often travelled very long distances to reach such a temple, then prepared and purified through devotional activities such as periods of fasting, lustration, sensory deprivation or over-stimulation, ritual drama, invocation rituals, and imbibing mineral-rich waters from sacred springs.

After all this preparation they were then deemed ready to lie upon the ‘sacred skin’, almost as a type of gestation time, in anticipation of the restorative reverie.

These Sleep Temples and their ‘dream incubation’ processes prevailed for thousands of years, so were clearly effective, and were seen primarily as places for ethereal spiritual medicine for the soul, although real operations also took place there.

The impact of the powerful revelations that came in for the dream-body whilst sleeping was never underestimated, and the trance state was seen as a portal for divine messages to come through and bring the miracles on in.


Soothing the pain with the Paean

The superb acoustics of these Temples were such that the most delicate and sweetest melodies of the quiet Grecian lyre could penetrate to even the farthest corner and grotto, and lightly uplift the sleeping reverie.

The Paean was a particular type of hymnal music involving a circular chorus of singers calling to the gods to hear their prayers for the suffering, and bring in the healing needed.

The valuable healing nature of music used within ritual for the sleepers, expressed the innate belief of the times of the potent power of the unconscious psyche over the health of the physical body.


Psychic soul surgery

Scribes called Lamatas were on hand to record in detail all dreams, healing experiences and any spiritual phenomena as they occurred during the sacred sleep, and these texts were placed prominently at strategic vantage points as a type of advertising or promotional material!

If the god came to you in your dream you were very likely to experience a spontaneous and miraculous healing through an aetheric form of ‘psychic surgery’.

Dreams could also bring in divine messages about remedies that could be used in the healing process. Priests were on hand to help interpret or translate any obscure or inexplicable messages.


The Healer King concept

I’m going to write more about this in later articles, but we need to understand the origin of the concept of king was as healer and adviser, not as lord and master of all.

Although this often naturally happened, as their worldly standing elevated due to the fame spreading of their natural born vast healing capacities.

The king was a high priest or priestess (again many more fallacies were spread cross the ages about the fixed gender of certain royalty being male, when it’s obvious, for example, many Pharaohs were female and portrayed as suckling their babies), and often the bisexual or the transgender person was seen as having even more magically divine and heavenly healing powers.

So thus we have the Healer King (male or female) as the magical priestly conduit between heaven and earth.


The Magnetism of Mesmerism

The divine ‘royal touch’ of the Healer Kings and Princes of times gone by was attributed with miraculous powers. In later times these powers were often credited as originating from the skilled use of mesmerism or magnetism. After many years of experimenting with use of actual magnetic plates, replacing prior use of holy or sacred relics and tools, Franz Mesmer discovered he could induce a trance without any such implements.

He then mistakenly concluded the trance was induced either through him or some kind of invisible fluid, and it was finally one of his students, the Marquis de Puysegur, who was able to engender a deep somnambulist hypnotic sleep without relegating the mesmerising powers to himself, but rather to some other force, as yet unnamed.

It was in 1813 that the priest Abbe Faria ascertained it was not the hypnotist who caused the trance state but rather, that the phenomena was engendered through the mind of the person themself, undergoing the treatment.

Later, Ambroise-Auguste Liebeault, considered the father of modern hypnotherapy, was convinced the causes were psychological rather than through any magnetic means, and also that suggestion was a powerful path to the sleep hypnotic state.

But it was Braid who brought in the concept of psychosomatic healing.

In those times some thousands of brave subjects also went through actual surgery without any other pain relief than an induced hypnotic state. The World Wars I and II and the Korean war, all renewed interest again in the use of hypnotism for traumatic injuries, and also in the field of psychiatry and dentistry.


Dr. Shelley’s thoughts:

“The world’s first doctors were shamans who embraced physical, emotional and spiritual energy as one. Shamanism relies heavily upon entrancing ceremony and rituals to evoke the desired state of mind.

Many rituals involve hypnotic tools like smells, smoke, repetition, sound, suggestion, and sleep deprivation. Some rely on mood altering substances.

A shaman has often been the spiritual healer who assists others to awaken deeper states of consciousness and soul searching.

Such states focus upon living in celebration, releasing discomfort or blocks, restoring wellness and becoming enlightened. Shamans have also been called alchemists, oracles, medicine men, medicine women, mundunugu, hunas, ducuns, witch doctors, exorcists, magicians, sorcerers, warlocks, witches, dowsers and those who do voodoo.

In shamanic society, the holiest healer was the wounded healer. For in the wounding, the gods were summoned for healing to take place.

Those who overcame were gifted with their power to heal others.

Soul retrieval, psychic surgery, healing touch, Reiki, and healing suggestion from enlightened hypnotherapists have and do work miracles.”


Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas · Dr. Shelley says what’s on her mind. What do you think?


Take Back Your Soul

“Ancestors of all cultures: shamans, healers, hunas, medicine people and priests note that during painful rituals and traumas of life, we lose vitality and joy.

Our language talks about “lost souls” or having your “spirit broken.”

Psychologists call these experiences “dissociation caused by trauma” or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Trauma is held in your cells even if you don’t consciously notice it. Take back your soul.

Stay conscious and you’ll have healthy boundaries. Hypnosis and Shamanic soul retrieval bring back disowned essences and heal the past. A nice way to do soul retrieval is with a friend or sitter or someone who specializes in it.

Just like western hypnotherapy, the goal is integration.”


Shelley · Cafe Wayan, Ubud, Bali · 2015


How to do Soul Retrieval:

“Play enchanting music. Drumming, the pounding surf or “ohm-ing” are great and then…

1. Bless yourself: “I bless myself on all levels: Physically with radiant health, energy, vitality; Mentally with clear thinking, focus, direction, to find my path and purpose; Emotionally with unconditional love, peace, joy, and harmony for myself and others; and Spiritually with guidance so that I may truly fulfil my life’s purpose.”,

2. Breathe: Take a deep breath, and let it out. You can shake a rattle, drum, chant and voice tone.

3. Affirm: Think these words or say them out loud: “I take back my soul, I am whole. I take back my soul, I am holy.”

4. Take a shamanic journey: Imagine yourself traveling in the void back to any time in your life where your soul essence, vitality, or energy separated from your being. It could be a little memory, such as skinning your knee, or a big memory, such as being beaten, molested or abandoned. When you find that thought, image, memory, or uneasy feeling, invite that little you out of hiding.

“Come home, it’s safe now. It’s time to come.”

Use whatever ploy is necessary to convince this disengaged part of you to leave this parallel reality and come back home. Call upon allies, guides, fantasies, anything you need to do the convincing.

When it is done, breathe fully to your heart, and let in that part of yourself, saying,

“Welcome home, it’s safe now. I love you.”

Excerpt from chapter ‘Shamanistic Soul Retrieval’ by SHELLEY STOCKWELL-NICHOLAS, PhD, from her book, “Hypnosis: How to Put a Smile On Your Face and Money In Your Pocket”



Our Inner Peace MasterClass Interview

Inner-Viewee : Shelley Stockwell Nicholas

Host/Inner- Viewer : Julie Cairnes

In late 2017, I interviewed 23 wonderful visionaries, authors, thinkers, and extraordinary professional practitioners from all ‘round the world, in the area of Inner Peace, for my Inner Peace MasterClass series.

This particular interview feels especially poignant and pertinent in these tragic times of severe bushfires rendering the air toxic poisonous and unbreathable for many, followed by the almost unbelievable Global Corona-virus Pandemic, a time of face masks and fear of the very air we breathe, and of being near or touching and hugging our loved ones, neighbours and the threat, and actualisation for many, of the cessation of just basically being out in the world doing our thing.

And even as I write this today there are still constant ongoing global discussions amongst heavyweight political, medical and world health organisations about just how airborne the virus actually is, and what its method of transmission might really be.

The bizarre movies I never really liked to watch about brain-dead flesh-eaters of some kind of zombie apocalypse now suddenly seem all that more possible.

The movies I did watch with great interest — those post apocalyptic stories of nuclear wastelands and humans living on the edge of starvation, as ruthless hunters and killers, far and away beyond any thought of living as peace-loving spiritual beings — are now also suddenly seeming a much more likely incoming reality…

In my country of Australia, the southern state of Victoria has yet again gone into severe lock-down, and the borders of all the states are once again under consideration of closing. The local and global economy is crashing, kept afloat by some generous government stimulus packages, which truly cannot last forever.

Things are serious, and this feels like it’s just the beginning of something even bigger.

Conspiracy theories abound, and some are saying that no-one is really in charge of, nor truly responsible for, all the troubles and disasters going down, with no one country or people fully to blame.

Some say it’s a conspiracy of the dark state, the cabal, the New Age movement, and the elite, to cull the weaker ones among us and reduce the global population, thus leaving more room and more resources — for them.

Many are foreseeing a time now coming in of the biblical micro-chipping ‘mark of the beast’, and readying themselves for further global apocalypse, through even more pandemics, wars, locust plagues, weather wars and all forms of natural and unnatural disasters.

Some of us, visionaries, saw this coming, and we tried to warn the world.

And sometimes it’s often only after the fact that a visionary premonition and prediction can be given credence, and sadly, this is probably the case here.


Time Travellers of the mind

But now I’d like to forward this proposition to you — that in fact, being within the state of hypnosis is actually an open portal to time travelling, without the machinery and risk to life and limb inherent in most sci-fi type time machines.

In my trance state Shelley induced, she in fact opened, very easily, a door within my supra-consciousness to step through to the future, and the ease with which this happened for me was somewhat astonishing.

However, I feel that my own extensive personal practice of dreaming back to ancient and future times in shamanic sleep states and other secret methods I use to fly the aetheric cosmic skies, gives me a totally open mind to experience walking in the future and returning to now, the past.

Here’s my amazing interview in late November 2017 with the effervescent intellect of Shelley-Stockwell Nicholas, the amazing International Hypnosis Federation Founder and President.

I loooooved this interview (well, I loved them all!) But this one was special in so many ways — this was the interview where Shelley skilfully took me into our future world through hypnotic forward progression…

Watch it to see what happens!

It’s really a crucially important and very concerning urgent message for everyone! I cannot stress this enough at this moment in time.


Remember your future as well as your past

Shelley has used the incredible power of hypnotic regression and progression (into the past and also the future) for over 40 years, helping you remember where you’ve come from AND also helping you how see who, and where you might be, in the future.

She brings out your message of our Divine work into the world by helping us see into our own many stories — past, present and future.

So there I was, talking with such a shining light and powerhouse, and in this very direct and powerful experience Shelley took me — and thus also you, our dear viewer — into our own future, and together we interpreted the imagery, impressions and messages we received.

Shelley and I discussed:

• How time is not linear, and • What happens in the future for us and our planet

So she took me into the future, and what I found was a starkly decimated and seemingly nuked and scorched planet, but yes, still it was this planet Earth. And this vision held a huge warning.

But that was then — 2017 — and we’re now already well into the sad time of our living transition into that dark and toxic future we and others had envisioned.

Can any of this be reversed, altered or shifted into a less destructive future for humanity and our beautiful planet? I’d like to think so, but only time will tell.

What kind of magical and visionary thinking would it take to stop the downward trajectory the planet now seems hellbent on, blinkers and all?

What will it take? Many still don’t see, and are content to ‘play the game’, no matter how destructive, and see it all as a sport.

After you watch this, I’d love for you to let me know what you think.

You can do this in the Comments section below this article, please feel free to share. I know many are having premonitions, dreams and visions, and many also are feeling terribly alone and more than a little afraid of what might be coming next, in this current time of global illness pandemic and lockdown.


Shelley · Taman Sari



So now, please join me as I interview the International Hypnosis Federation Founder and President, shining light and powerhouse, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas.

Shelley takes me through a fascinating forward progression hypnosis, into a future world.

I travel back in, from another time and place, and view our planet — unrecognisable, but still — Earth…

Hear my vision, know I’m not alone in this vision, see the possibilities, hear the warnings to us all…

And know that we are ALL conscious creators

and we still CAN change our beautiful world, for better or for worse…


In a sneak preview here, I can let you know that once she has me in a hypnotic trance state, Shelley asks me if I’m on planet Earth or elsewhere, taking me to the ‘future’ days of 2065, I think it was.

I very quickly became aware I was definitely not here on Earth at all — and was actually extremely far, far, far away from here, as far away as possible — light years away, I imagine — and very happy to not be here.

I’m able to fly, that’s my method of movement, and am in a luminous form, dwelling in a spiritually transcendent other-world with other light beings in our cosmos, in places difficult to describe.

I very reluctantly accept her kind invitation to descend back to Earth for the purpose of this interview and hypnotic time travel, and view where the planet is up to by this time.

I’m somehow able to imperceptibly (hopefully) enter someone’s living body briefly, maybe a bit like hitching a ride, in order to carry out the purpose of the mission.

So down I came, into the body of a strong young man with curly blonde hair.

Shelley asked me to look around and give my impressions and the visuals of the immediate environment.

The first thing I noticed was that the place seemed to be burning as though an oil fire had not been able to be extinguished, but on an unimaginably massive scale.