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A Good Chief Gives, She Doesn’t Take

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

(Mohawk proverb)

Art · Debra Yepa Pappan

How and why do some beings try to steal the life energy, and the light, soul and power of others?

Is it time to talk about this?

It’s not rare, in fact it’s the opposite. It happens constantly in life, and it also happens in other realms.

It can be about domination and power over another. And also happens when someone has become so disconnected from their own sense of personal power, they seek to feed off the life and light energy of another.



The energy vampire cannot connect to their own source of life energy so they turn to another for their supply of life energies.

Although this is an extremely widespread behaviour, many are simply unaware they’re either doing it to another, or that it’s happening to them.

And so it’s crucial to learn how to protect your energies.

And then there are those who purposely set out to steal the life force and soul energy of another. This pre-meditated theft and power over another is the most sinister manifestation.



It’s in fact a very low vibration and lowlife manifestation and way of being.

And it’s a subtle thing, it’s not always an obviously negative situation, but can be just an energy drain — when one being connects with another who has the habit of draining the energy of others.

But those who purposely set out to steal your energy can do it by simply getting your attention and using their thoughts, or they’ll find other ways, to pull your energy and attention to them.

You’ll know it’s happening if you feel fatigued and drained when around that person, when giving them your time and energy.



The higher vibration human interaction is not on this level at all.

There’s no hidden agenda, conscious or unconscious, to take energy from another. But to respectfully share energy.

Not to control and dominate, but interact. When we are connected to our own inner Source, our Light, our Divine energy source from within, there’s no need to take from another.

It’s a mutual energy exchange between consenting adults, so to speak.



The giving human being develops a powerfully nurturing aura filled with Light.

Unfortunately, this can attract energy vampires who want to feed off the Light. But in an equal energy exchange, this doesn’t happen.

Both feel energised.

So we all need to learn there’s a natural tiredness. And then there’s an unnatural tiredness. We need to know the difference.

Those who steal, use and abuse the energy of others are those who are tapping into the ‘dark’ side of their nature.

Their energy field is not the nurturing light aura of the giver, but the reversed dark energy field of the taker. In an unconscious interaction, the taker feeds from the giver without giving energy in return.



In long term relationships or ongoing interactions so extremely unbalanced, the person who’s giving and whose energy is being stolen can become severely depleted of life energy.

They become deeply vulnerable to further assaults on their soul and life energy as they weaken.

But there are tools of recovery and healing. Withdrawal from the person is extremely important in order to recover your energy, and not giving them your attention in order for them to further feed from your Light.



Beings who take from another in this way are extremely low energy and dark energy entities living in the old fear based reality of ‘not enough’ and complete disconnection from God and Source.

These are the interactions between human beings through the ages, that have caused so much devastation, conflict, competition, violence, warfare, illness and ultimately death.

It’s now time for all humanity to acknowledge and stop these behaviours and interactions.

We must name that it’s happened for aeons, and change the way we access our energy. Not allowing energy vampires and thieves to take our power any longer, or when we have become severely depleted, to unconsciously try to take some energy of another in order to stay alive. This is understandable but not the answer.

We must fully take back our own power.



  • Don’t become involved in conflict when anyone tries to battle with you. Walk away.

  • Arguments and conflict are easy ways for people to steal your energy — don’t be deceived by their game

  • Let your mind be strong:

‘Do not allow others to walk in your mind with their dirty feet’ — Gandhi
  • Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by emotional attacks, name calling, or gossip. Know your truth. Know who you are. Stand by it.

  • No need to fight to be who you are.

  • Don’t get involved in power games that aim to reduce your sense of self, demote you, embarrass you, hurt you or disempower you. Just don’t.

  • Never allow anyone to treat you as though you are of no worth or value, or of lesser value than another.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.” — Max Ehrman
  • Don’t be hypnotised by the attention seeking behaviour of another, the charisma of another, or the glamour or charm of another, when this is designed to feed off the energies of others. Stand in your power. Look away. Walk away. Don’t feed their emptiness with your attention. Enjoy and connect deeply with your own personal relationship with Source and God. No other human being can give you what you need. You are what you are looking for.

  • Have boundaries around supporting another, in terms of protecting your energy from their ‘energy dumps’. It’s possible to be totally supportive without having your energy fed off. But it’s also an acquired skill.

  • Try to avoid or withdraw from any relationship that’s drama-filled, constantly argumentative, filled with control dramas and so on. You can be sure there’s one trying to have power over another in this scenario. If you feel constantly bewildered, or ‘gaslighted’ — this is another vampire scenario — be aware.

  • Sexual energy is another source of life energy and a very common playing field of certain energy vampires. If you know that what’s happening for you in your sexual relationship is draining your life energy, again, be aware.

  • Advanced energy vampires can feed from you simply by being close to your personal energy field. Again once you’re aware of this you’ll be able to walk away from these situations.

  • Even more skilled energy vampires can feed on your light from a distance through connecting with you via an etheric cord. This can take awareness to detach from, there are various well-known cord cutting strategies. Simply thinking about these people feeds them.

  • Fear is the greatest tool of all energy vampires — it immediately sets up a negative energy drain. Learning to live fearlessly, it’s a big ask, but it’s one of the greatest protections against energy vampires I can give you. Also focusing on your own life and giving your attention to your own goals and dreams and not those of another, is the ultimate protection against this life invasion

Yes, we sadly do have to recognise there are those who consciously seek to steal the life and light energy of others. And yes we still have to learn to protect ourself.

Send love, reiki and channel light to the situation. But if you are seriously depleted by a toxic and draining situation with an energy vampire, do all you can to nurture yourself back to health.

After first walking away. And not feed them with your attention, to start with. Feed yourself with your attention!

Give yourself the greatest love you possibly can as you regain your health and life force.

Be in your power!

Copyright 2017/2020 © Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes. All rights reserved.

I first published this in MEDIUM on Aug 19, 2019 and on my prior website in 2017

None of my messages are about other people (ie 'celebrities' and so on) - no matter what they might think - these come from me, to you my friend, for your soul upliftment

Love. You.

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